The HealthCare Social Network is an ambitious group of like-minded professionals that promote entrepreneurship and the exchange of creative ideas to improve and promote advancements in the healthcare community.


The HealthCare Social Network (HCSN) was organized in February 2015 by a dedicated group of young professionals who sought to add value to the healthcare profession by connecting like-minded individuals together through a social platform. Working in the health industry, where the stakes are higher, is undoubtedly stressful. Oftentimes this goes largely ignored, as we are trained to place the wellness of others before ours. Social bonding outside the context of work will help reinvigorate the passion that once led people to pursue the healthcare profession.

Through the HCSN, we hope to build a stage where professionals can acquire new perspectives through the exchanges of creative ideas and discover an avenue for new opportunities and ventures. This is a place where people can find their next dream job, a place where ideas are embraced, nurtured, and followed, and a place where, together, we improve advancements in the healthcare community.

Event Atmosphere

The HCSN currently hosts networking events on a monthly basis, predominantly in Manhattan during happy hour. An environment consisting of - and shaped by - welcoming and friendly professionals, our aim is to attract those in healthcare across the entire spectrum. In any one of our events, you’ll find professionals working in direct care, in healthcare business development, and even medical students! Our hope is that the casual atmosphere of our events engender any number of takeaways, from a career connection, to advice and guidance, to simply having an opportunity to debrief after work by sharing stories.

The Team

Alex Tang - CEO/Physician Assistant (MedTriarch Executive)

James Oh - Business Development (Events Director)

Tommy Liang - Respiratory Therapist (Committee Member)

Amy Liang - (Committee Member)

Diana Chiu - Pharmacist (Committee Member)

Eric Kwok - (MedTriarch Executive)